February 26, 2020

Rep. MacEwen joins IFiberOneNewsRadio to discuss gun rights and homelessness

Rep. Drew MacEwen, R-Union, joins IFiberOneNewsRadio’s Jeff Slakey to talk about a bill that would place limits on high-capacity magazines. MacEwen also discusses solutions to homelessness and housing affordability.
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January 15, 2020

On KMAS, Rep. Drew MacEwen reacts to Gov. Inslee’s State of the State address and discusses a number key legislative issues

During his weekly session interview on KMAS, Rep. Drew MacEwen, R- Union, comments on Gov. Inslee’s State of the State address and new Speaker of the House Laurie Jinkins. He also discusses the issues of homelessness and affordable housing.
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April 10, 2019

Rep. MacEwen joins iFiberOne NewsRadio to provide a session update

Rep. Drew MacEwen, R-Union, joins iFiberOne NewsRadio to discuss forest health, measures that would limit wildfires, education funding, and his thoughts on the homelessness crisis. Note: Interview was ended abruptly due to radio station’s phone system crash
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January 17, 2018

Rep. Drew MacEwen argues for statewide consistency with water restrictions on KMAS

Rep. Drew MacEwen, R-Union, says the state should implement water supply regulations that are consistent for both urban and rural areas of the state in his appearance on “Daybreak with Jeff Slakey” on iFiberone Newsradio KMAS. MacEwen also describes the proposed statewide sugar tax as an example of government going...
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January 16, 2018

Rep. MacEwen’s Legislative Update: Jan. 16, 2018

Another legislative session is under way, and we have a lot of work to do. As you likely know by now, Democrats won a special election back in November, giving them control of the state Senate. They now hold slim majorities in both chambers (50-48 in the House, 25-24 in...
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January 10, 2018

Rep. Drew MacEwen expresses disappointment in Gov. Inslee’s address on KMAS

Rep. Drew MacEwen, R-Union, says he is disappointed Gov. Jay Inslee made no mention of resolving the issue of rural well water rights in Tuesday’s State of the State Address. In an appearance on Daybreak with Jeff Slakey on iFiberone Newsradio KMAS, MacEwen also called “irresponsible” the governor’s request for...
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August 25, 2017

Rep. Drew MacEwen’s Legislative Update: August 25, 2017

In my last update, I provided an overview of the $43.7 billion operating budget we approved earlier this year. I also talked about the McCleary fix bill we passed that will help create equity for students and teachers, promote local control and implement a number of substantial reforms to our...
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