Better Future for Our Children

May 11, 2022

2022 Legislative Report from 35th District Rep. Drew MacEwen

In this four-page mailer, Rep. Drew MacEwen provides a recap of the 2022 legislative session and shares some wins for the 35th District in the supplemental capital and transportation budgets passed by the Legislature.
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February 04, 2022

My thoughts as we near the midway point of session

Our state is facing a growing number of challenges, including: A homelessness crisis that has only gotten worse. A police officer recruitment and retention crisis. A bottom 10 ranking in housing affordability. Drug overdose deaths at an all-time high. Violent crime at a 25-year high. A child care affordability and accessibility crisis. Heartbreaking...
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January 20, 2022

The 2022 legislative session is underway; House Republicans are focused on the issues you care about

The 2022 legislative session is now underway. While I had hoped the Capitol would be open to the public this session, we are once again operating in a remote environment. This is far from ideal, but I will make every effort to be as accessible to you as possible. Please...
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September 28, 2021

The Legislature must restore the balance of power between the executive and legislative branches

Throughout this year’s 105-day legislative session, one of our top priorities as House Republicans was pushing to implement emergency powers reform. Out of concern the governor would continue to rule by proclamation and executive order indefinitely, we introduced several bills that would have ensured adequate legislative involvement in long-lasting states...
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February 16, 2021

Washington House Republicans release 2021-23 operating budget framework

Details: Real Opportunities for All Washingtonians | Funding Priorities 2021-23 Biennial Operating Budget Proposal | Presentation House 2021-23 Biennium Operating Budget Proposals | Washington House Republicans released their 2021-23 operating budget framework at a news conference today. Ranking member on the House Appropriations Committee, Rep. Drew Stokesbary, says it...
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February 10, 2020

Rep. MacEwen joins KVI’s Kirby Wilbur to discuss the 2020 legislative session

Rep. Drew MacEwen, R-Union, joins KVI’s Kirby Wilbur to discuss a couple of bills passed by House Democrats this session that would hit Washington families and businesses hard. The 35th District lawmaker also provides an update on the status of legislation regarding $30 car tabs, comprehensive K-12 sex education, and...
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November 30, 2019

Your responses to my 2020 legislative priorities survey

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I’m sending this email update out tonight because starting tomorrow, all legislators will be under election-year restrictions. That means I won’t be able to send you any more email updates until the start of the 2020 session on Jan. 13. However, I will...
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March 22, 2018

Rep. MacEwen’s end-of-session update: March 22, 2018

Three of my bills received overwhelming support in the House and Senate this year, and were recently signed into law by the governor.
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March 07, 2018

Departing leader will be missed, but caucus remains strong, Rep. Drew MacEwen says

Rep. Drew MacEwen, R-Union, talks with KMAS about yesterday’s news that House Republican Leader Dan Kristiansen has decided not to seek re-election and responds to a state official’s statement in support of the controversial Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. MacEwen expresses his concern about a proposed initiative that...
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