35th District lawmakers to hold town hall on Highway 3 Freight Corridor (Belfair Bypass) project

OLYMPIA – 35th District lawmakers will host a town hall meeting Nov. 9 in Belfair to put the spotlight on the soon-to-launch Belfair Bypass project on State Route 3.

Sen. Drew MacEwen and Reps. Dan Griffey and Travis Couture will be joined by representatives of the state Department of Transportation. State officials will discuss the project route and timeline and answer questions.

The meeting begins at 6 p.m. Nov. 9 at The Hub, 111 Northeast Old Belfair Highway, in Belfair.

The Bypass is moving forward as the result of legislative action this year to provide full funding for the project. The new Highway 3 Freight Corridor project will skirt Belfair, creating an alternative route for through traffic that will improve travel times and reduce traffic congestion.

The 35th District lawmakers helped defeat a proposal this year from Gov. Jay Inslee that would have delayed construction of the Belfair Bypass and other major road projects statewide. Under the Inslee plan, construction would have been postponed to the 2029-31 biennium.

Lawmakers rejected the delays in this year’s transportation budget bill, House Bill 1125. Instead, the Legislature provided an additional $12 million to launch construction, on top of $79 million already allocated for the project.

“We know how vital this project is to those living and working in the Belfair and North Mason County region and want to provide them an opportunity to hear exactly what they can expect and get their questions answered,” said Sen. MacEwen, R-Shelton. “I hope this provides a convenient opportunity to update the community.”

“We know residents have waited a long time for this alternative route around Belfair and need to know what to expect so they can plan accordingly,” said Rep. Griffey, R-Allyn. “This town hall event provides that opportunity and a chance for them to share their thoughts and concerns about the project.”

“I am proud of the collaboration between me and my seatmates this past session that successfully fought back the effort to further delay this important project to ease traffic congestion through Belfair,” said Rep. Couture, R-Allyn. “We look forward to providing this opportunity to the community to see maps, timelines, and more from project leaders.”