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May 11, 2022

2022 Legislative Report from 35th District Rep. Drew MacEwen

In this four-page mailer, Rep. Drew MacEwen provides a recap of the 2022 legislative session and shares some wins for the 35th District in the supplemental capital and transportation budgets passed by the Legislature.
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March 18, 2022

While the 2022 legislative session was largely disappointing, there were some key wins for our district

The 2022 legislative session came to a close last Thursday. As with every session, good and bad bills advanced to the governor’s desk, but the biggest story of all may have been what the Legislature didn’t do. Despite having a $15 billion budget surplus to work with, the majority opted...
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March 07, 2022

Rep. Drew MacEwen on why House Democrats stopped debate on SB 5909 (emergency powers)

During today’s media availability, Rep. Drew MacEwen was asked why House Democrats stopped debate on Senate Bill 5909 (emergency powers) after 20 minutes on Friday. “Apparently they didn’t really want to have a debate about it,” MacEwen says.
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March 03, 2022

Highlights from the 2022 supplemental operating budget debate; I’ve introduced a bill that would require Washington to divest from Russia

This year’s 60-day legislative session will be coming to a close one week from today. While we’ve done some good things this session, it also feels like we’ve missed some big opportunities. For example, despite our state’s $14+ billion budget surplus, the supplemental operating budget we passed on Saturday doesn’t...
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March 02, 2022

Stokesbary, MacEwen introduce bill that would require all state agencies to divest public funds from Russia

House Republican Reps. Drew Stokesbary and Drew MacEwen have introduced a bill that would require all state agencies in Washington to cancel their outstanding contracts with Russian companies, and require the State Investment Board to divest from its pension and other investments in Russian companies. “At a time when much...
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February 04, 2022

My thoughts as we near the midway point of session

Our state is facing a growing number of challenges, including: A homelessness crisis that has only gotten worse. A police officer recruitment and retention crisis. A bottom 10 ranking in housing affordability. Drug overdose deaths at an all-time high. Violent crime at a 25-year high. A child care affordability and accessibility crisis. Heartbreaking...
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January 21, 2022

Rep. MacEwen joins Jeff Slakey on KMAS to discuss the Democrats’ long-term care program and payroll tax

Rep. Drew MacEwen, R-Union, joins Jeff Slakey on KMAS to discuss the future of the Democrats’ long-term care program and payroll tax, as well as his legislation that would impose term limits on state elected officials. Wash. House Republicans · 01-21-22 – RADIO: Rep. MacEwen joins Jeff Slakey on KMAS...
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January 20, 2022

The 2022 legislative session is underway; House Republicans are focused on the issues you care about

The 2022 legislative session is now underway. While I had hoped the Capitol would be open to the public this session, we are once again operating in a remote environment. This is far from ideal, but I will make every effort to be as accessible to you as possible. Please...
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January 06, 2022

Rep. Drew MacEwen joins KGNW’s Tim Gaydos to discuss his term limits legislation

Rep. MacEwen, R-Union, speaks with KGNW’s Tim Gaydos about his effort to pass a constitutional amendment that would place term limits on state legislators and statewide elected officials in Washington. Wash. House Republicans · 01-06-22 – RADIO: Rep. MacEwen talks with Tim Gaydos Live From Seattle KGNW about term-limits
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